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Andrea Lamont R.TCMP

Andrea Lamont earned her Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental  Medicine in San Diego, California in 2002, where she graduated with honours.

As an acupuncturist, herbalist, author and speaker, she feels that her role is that of a guide, teacher, and motivator to patients. Her health related articles have been published in several magazines across the country.  Andrea holds a special passion for educating patients, so that they can be active participants in their own healing journey.


Andrea enjoys treating all facets of health, and has been described as a caring, nurturing professional who brings sensitivity and compassion to her sessions.   Her extensive experience in the field of sports medicine has afforded her the opportunity to work closely with athletes of all types.  She is also qualified to practice injection therapy.


Andrea is very blessed to now live in Squamish, BC, with her husband and beautiful twin boys.  She cofounded Glow and is very proud that all of her hard work and perseverance led to Glow winning multiple accolades and awards, and standing as one of the foremost centers of integrative health in Vancouver today.

Andrea passes on her practice to two very caring and most excellent practitioners whom she entrusts wholeheartedly with her patients' care. Monique Du Preez and Courtney Morris are both available to treat Andrea's existing patients and also anyone who has been referred to see Andrea. Andrea would like to thank all of her patients for being so loyal and supportive and hopes that you continue your care with either of these wonderful acupuncturists. It has truly been a pleasure and a joy to be of service to you and you will all be missed. Much love.

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